Equine Law

Whether you have made a career out of your passion for horses or it’s just a hobby, its important that you choose the right people to represent you if you require any equine legal assistance.

At Burnett Barker Solicitors our Dispute Resolution Solicitor, Paul Herbert, has a strong personal passion for horses, so you can be sure that we will understand the intricacies of your horse-related issue.

We are pleased to act for equestrian businesses, equestrian athletes, horse owners and other horse-based community groups or associations.

You may have a contentious issue such as a veterinary negligence claim or it may be a straight-forward matter such as a sale or purchase of a horse – whatever it is, Burnett Barker Solicitors is ideally placed to meet your needs.

Before any action is taken, we’ll discuss what the situation is, how it has occurred and what your preferred outcome would be. Once we know all the facts, we can then discuss the most appropriate course of action.

We’ll give you all the information you need including what options are available and most importantly, what it is likely to cost.

Equine services for you

  • Agreements for livery and grazing
  • Disputes over the purchase and sale of horses
  • Horse passport regulations
  • Horse sale and purchase or loan contracts
  • Share agreements
  • Liabilities or entitlements in respect of riding accidents
  • Nuisance claims in relation to an escaping horse
  • Purchase and sale of equestrian property and land
  • Stud/nomination agreements
  • Training agreements
  • Veterinary negligence

Equine services for clubs/organisations and associations

  • Competition rules
  • Disciplinary tribunals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Employment
  • Equestrian business tenancies
  • Property matters

If you have any horse-related queries or simply want to find out where you stand on a legal matter, please contact us or phone 01284 701131