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Share and share alike, spreading the cost of horse ownership

Sharing horse ownership

Horse ownership can prove to be an expensive exercise and for some owners finding a person to share that expense in return for a fixed number of days riding and care is the solution.
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Loaning out your horse? Ensure you have a written agreement in place.

horse loan agreement

Whether you are considering putting your horse out on loan, or taking a horse on loan, you should make sure there is a loan agreement in place.
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Is your rental property fit for human habitation?

Is your rental property fit for human habitation

New ‘fit for human habitation’ legislation designed to safeguard the standard of residential rental properties has recently come into effect, holding landlords to account for the state of accommodation let to tenants.
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Buying a horse? Protect your purchase

Buying a horse

When you purchase a horse or pony from a dealer or trader you have the added protection of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. When you purchase direct from a private individual you may have to rely on the Misrepresentations Act 1967 and/or a breach of contract.
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New horse not what you expected? Your rights explained

my new horse isn't fit for purpose - what can I do?

Share Is your new horse fit for purpose? Buying a horse should be an exciting and fun time and in most cases it is. However sometimes you don’t get what you believed you were buying. Read on to find out …
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