Author Articles by Laura Ruffell

The Hidden Dangers of DIY LPAs

Dangers of DIY LPAs

While short term costs can indeed appear cheaper with a DIY LPA, there are a number of dangers in creating a DIY legal document, particularly one as important as an LPA, that can lead to further costs down the line – and not just financial.
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Thinking about the unthinkable: appointing guardians of your children

Appointing guardians for your children

One of the most important reasons to make a Will if you have children is so that you can name a legal guardian or guardians. Having a say over who will look after your children if you die means that you feel more at ease about their future care and welfare.
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Too young to make a Will? Think again!

When talking to people about preparing a Will, people often say “I don’t intend to die any time soon” or “I don’t have any assets”. No one knows what is around the corner so don’t put off making a wise decision today because you would rather spend the money on something which will not help your family in the long run.
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Dying ‘intestate’ – what happens when you die without a Will?

Dying without a Will - what happens to your estate

When a person dies without making a Will, they are said to have died ‘intestate’. When this happens, there are rules for deciding who will inherit the estate, stipulated by law.
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What’s a Business LPA and why might you need one?

Leaving a charitable donation in your Will

Have you considered what would happen to your business should you become unable to make decisions about how it’s run and its finances? A family member or friend may not be knowledgeable enough to deal with business matters, therefore making a separate LPA for your business is advised.
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Residence Nil Rate Band & What It Means For You

Buy to Let Landlords Property Fraud

Share The new RNRB, also known as Family Home Allowance, can effectively increase your inheritance tax threshold. When someone dies, the total value of their ‘Estate’ (meaning everything he/she owned) must be valued. If the total value is above a …
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