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A Cautionary tale….

Seek advice before accepting a Police Caution

Are you aware of potential repercussions after accepting a police caution? A formal police caution is very often used as an alternative to prosecution before a court – avoiding a conviction and/or negative publicity. But many people are unaware that a police caution is recorded on a national record and can have significant repercussions for your future.
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Prescription drugs and driving – the law

Prescription drugs and driving law

Last year, new legislation on drug driving came into effect, with legal limits on a number of prescription drugs being introduced. If convicted of driving whilst over the legal limit, penalties can include a minimum 12 month driving ban, up to six months in prison, unlimited fines, an eleven year license endorsement and a criminal record.
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Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court – A Ghostly Remnant of Local Justice

Declan Gallagher, our Head of Criminal Defence, reflects on the passing into history of Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court.
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Drug Driving – Not Always Guilty!

There are few means of challenging a drug driving prosecution yet our head of Crime & Motoring, Declan Gallagher, recently secured an interesting acquittal.
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Positively Victorian

Share The police found Mr M riding his mobility scooter along a local High Street steering with one hand while the other clutched a can of strong lager… He provided a (very) positive breath test. Was he guilty of driving …
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