Fixed Fee Consultations, from £99

Sometimes you just want to find out where you stand and what your options are.

That’s what our Fixed Fee Consultations are for, giving you up to an hour with one of our specialist lawyers to discuss your legal question with them.

We cover a wide range of business, individual and family legal issues.

Unlike many legal firms who offer a ‘free’ 20 or 30 minute consultation, we think it’s important that you are given enough time and attention to discuss your own, specific circumstances, rather than be given generic advice that could just as easily be obtained on the internet. That’s one of the reasons why we charge for these types of consultations.

In most cases, we can offer consultations at a fixed fee of £99. Where you have complex requirements and require more detailed advice on the law as it applies to your individual circumstances, we will charge a fixed fee of £149.

No Strings Attached & No Hard Sell

After hearing our advice, you may want to take further steps.

Of course, we’d be happy to continue helping you but you’re free to choose us or any other lawyer you wish.

Follow Up Work

If you do decide that you want us to help further, we’re able to do most types of follow up work for a fee agreed with you in advance.

If multiple steps / options exist, we can often do work up to a certain stage/step for a fixed fee.

If you’ve got a legal question and want to find out where you stand, contact us today to book your fixed fee consultation with a specialist lawyer.


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