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What’s a Business LPA and why might you need one?

Have you considered what would happen to your business should you become unable to make decisions about how it’s run and its finances? A family member or friend may not be knowledgeable enough to deal with business matters, therefore making a separate LPA for your business is advised.
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The myth of common law marriage

Cohabitation Agreements

With recent rises in divorce rates it may come as no surprise that co-habitation is the fastest growing family type in the UK, with over 3 million people living in this type of relationship.

However, contrary to popular myth there is no such thing as ‘common-law marriage’, leaving cohabiting partners with very limited legal protection should their relationship end.
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Residence Nil Rate Band & What It Means For You

Buy to Let Landlords Property Fraud

Share The new RNRB, also known as Family Home Allowance, can effectively increase your inheritance tax threshold. When someone dies, the total value of their ‘Estate’ (meaning everything he/she owned) must be valued. If the total value is above a …
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Tax Implications for Landlords & Holiday Lets

Landlords Tax

Share   If you are a landlord and invest in one or more properties that are available to rent, you will no doubt be aware that there are various tax implications depending on your circumstances. Yet in the ever-changing world …
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Buy to Let Landlords – How to Reduce the Threat of Fraud on your Property

Buy to Let Landlords Property Fraud

Share If you’re a buy-to-let landlord you are no doubt aware of the increasing risk of money laundering and property fraud. However you may not be aware of which properties and property owners are most at risk. Buy to let …
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Prescription drugs and driving – the law

Prescription drugs and driving law

Last year, new legislation on drug driving came into effect, with legal limits on a number of prescription drugs being introduced. If convicted of driving whilst over the legal limit, penalties can include a minimum 12 month driving ban, up to six months in prison, unlimited fines, an eleven year license endorsement and a criminal record.
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5 Tax efficient ways to give to charity

Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to give to charity, but it’s not the only way…

This week, as part of ‘Remember a Charity’s’ awareness week, we look at a number of tax efficient ways you can give to charity, as well as leaving a gift in your Will.
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The Gift that keeps on giving…

Remember a charity in your Will

It’s a little known fact that most charities wouldn’t survive without gifts in Wills. While 70% of people are said to support a charity during their lives, just 7% continue supporting them once they are gone. By remembering your favourite charities in your Will however,  you are ensuring that their good work carries on.
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The Importance of a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney Advice

If you are up to date with recent news, you may be aware of a legal document known as an LPA, or ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’, since the unfortunate case of Frank Willett was brought to light. We look at some of the most commonly-asked questions about LPAs and explain why, in the face of rising cases of dementia in the UK, it could be the most important decision you make for your future.

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Divorce – the importance of a financial ‘clean break’

Financial Clean Break - Divorce

In a bid to avoid legal costs, an increasing number of couples are choosing to undertake their own divorce, or even to do it online. This could however, leave them vulnerable to significant financial heartache further down the line.
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